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Every international student's dream these days is to study in Canada. Canada is aesthetically pleasing with its rocky mountains, shoreline views, and historic buildings. It also has the tenth-largest economy in the world and top-notch education. In addition, Canada has one of the greatest immigrant populations in the world. Over a million immigrants are expected to enter the country in the upcoming years. Since Canadian universities are well regarded internationally, more than 5L foreign students are accepted each year. With more than 2.1L Study permits awarded in 2022, Indian students have the biggest percentage among them. Of all the English-speaking countries, Canadian institutions are the most affordable, and graduating from one can lead to job prospects.

A completely different event is visiting Canada. Once-traveled students who have spent a lifetime visiting Canada's many cities, beaches, cuisines, and, most importantly, its opportunities often return. Each year, thousands of students select Canada for a variety of reasons, some of which are stated here.

Canada uses technology from the twenty-first century, and the country has a thriving tech sector. Canada was also the first nation to connect its libraries and schools to the online study system. Three Canadian cities—Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver—made the list of the top 50 student cities, according to a recent poll. The rating was determined by a number of factors, including as affordability, the diversity of the student body, and how well-received graduates are by employers.

Canada is a very large nation; in fact, its surface area is 14 times greater than France's. The pristine beaches of Prince Edward Island, the stunning fjords of the Saguenay and the Percé Rock of the Gaspé in Quebec, the fascinating Rockies and Lake Louise in Alberta, Niagara Falls in Ontario, Jasper National Park also in Alberta, and Whistler Mountain in British Columbia are just a few of the most picturesque locations to visit. Canada's natural beauty is limitless, ranging from the ocean to its mountains, prairies, and woods.

Canada is one of the few countries that can provide overseas students the benefits it offers. Its universities, which are at the centre of its rich and diverse culture, are among the best in the world. The level of life is very high in Canada, and there are lots of opportunities to gain experience in your subject of study there.

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